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Book Offered on Financial Caregiving

Book Cover I am pleased to announce the publication of my first book, What You Need to Know: The Adult Child’s Guide to Becoming a Financial Caregiver. The book is a culmination of both my professional and personal experience in working with older clients and their families, as well as working with my own parents. Three years ago, I became a financial caregiver to my parents. All of the years I had spent advising others about this reality came home and I realized that it’s one thing to advise others about this; quite another to actually be in the role. Even with my recent experience, I understand that my parents’ situation will be different from everyone else’s. I am less the “expert” than a fellow caregiver with thousands of others who entered this chapter in the relationship with their parents, not knowing what they need to know. I confess without hesitation that I am not the answer-man when it comes to the delicate issues surrounding this role. I doubt anyone is. Instead, the book focuses on what I refer to as the Four P’s – People, Property, Programs, and Plans – and what the financial caregiver needs to know about each.

The book can be ordered on Amazon for $14.95, or if you’d like a free copy, just email me at and send me your mailing address. I’ll be glad to send it to you.


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